True stories about rescued turtles at Sea Turtle, Inc., South Padre Island Texas and the people who care for them.


Swim, Allison, Swim!

The story of Allison, a Green Sea Turtle, who was rescued when she was a hatchling and was missing three of her four flippers! She was fitted with a prosthesis and is now a very spoiled adult turtle!


Fred, the Lopsided Loggerhead

Fred the sea turtle swallowed a pair of lady’s sun glasses! It took an a team several hours to remove the plastic and glass because Fred decided to hold his breath!


Smile and Say, “Lettuce!”

Gerry is the poster boy of STI and has been hand raised since he was just two years old. He has been on the David Letterman show, slept in a bath tub at the Hilton in New York, and posed for several Hollywood animators!


How to Hug a Turtle

The story of two little girls who learn how turtle hugs really work.


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